Logging in twin Valley

This is a starting adventure for 3-4 new level 1 characters.

There is not much work for adventurers, so working at the logging camp is the only option to get some food until the farmers need some arms. Who could think logging could be this much fun?

What do people say:

– I occasionally buy pdfs at rpgnow but nothing I’ve seen there is this neat. Beautiful work and I love how all the encounter areas are provided in scale! Truly top notch.

– Agreed, great adventure.
– Dude, this is worthy to be published. Send this to wizards of the coast. I’m serious, this is better than most of the adventures on dnd insider!

Download links:

Logging in twin Valley (pdf-preview) (3MB)

Logging in twin Valley (hires zipped pdf) (51.1 MB)

Large uncut battle maps (30.1MB)