As I’m in the midst of a move, and most of my gaming stuff now lives in cardboard boxes, I thought I had to release it, even though it’s not completely played through.

So here is the link: Code Red

And those knowing they are playing, don’t read.

The second rookie campaign James Bond adventure is now released, Ghost Whisperer.

It can easily be changed into a more sinister 00 adventure as the plot sand well on its own.





by admin

4Eyes roleplaying, winner of a Golden Pawn 2011 for best unpublished adventures, is proud to bring A FIVE RING CIRCUS to your gaming table.

A FIVE RING CIRCUS is an adventure for the old but great role playing game James Bond 007™ by Victory Games.

As usual the adventure is free a free download.

To celebrate the release of this adventure for one of my all time favorite role playing games, 4EYes will hold a raffle from today running to June 30 at 23:59:59 central European time.

If you make a donation to 4Yes you are in the raffle. The winner, picked randomly will win a picture, or several pictures really, of RPG character of your choice. You send me a description of you character and I will 3D render a portrait, an action scene and a top/down token to use with a Virtual Game table. This is your chance to make your character sheet shine.