Here is a collection of software that I’ve written that can be useful when you work with map making or with DAZ Studio/Poser.
All programs are for Mac OS X 10.6 or up unless stated otherwise. Please, don’t forget to donate if you like the programs.

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RendoInstall 1.2.1 : Tool to easy install .zip files with Poser/DS content.

CropIt! – Small program to crop a bunch of .png files to the same size.

FFBatchMaster – Tool to run and control the FilterForge command line renderer.

DAZBitRockRun – Tool to run the latest DAZ content installers (those that comes with a meta data installer with them).

QuikPazte – A HotKey based paste utility, useful for many things but I wrote it to paste the paths for the old DAZ Bitrock installers.

DropNormals – A small drop tool to remove normal information from .obj files.