As I’m in the midst of a move, and most of my gaming stuff now lives in cardboard boxes, I thought I had to release it, even though it’s not completely played through.

So here is the link: Code Red

And those knowing they are playing, don’t read.

The adventure Oh my head in Holyhead for Operation: Fallen Reich is now released on RPGNow as a downloadable PDF.

Please support 4Eyes adventure making for O:FR!



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I updated the adventure links, I had missed that some older adventures pointed to files no longer at dropbox.

It’s all well again.



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Happy New Year, and let’s celebrate it with a new, double adventure from Operation: Fallen Reich, Buried Secrets – Double Tap.

Check it out:



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I made a few small changes to FFBatchMaster 2, download it here: FFBatchMaster 2.0b2

I’ve finally got to edit the last past, it’s here!

The first adventure in the new series Buried Secrets for O:FR.

Buried Secrets – Stiff Upper Lip

Hello FilterForgers!

I’ve done a complete rewrite of FFBatchMaster and turned it into FFBatchMaster 2.0, this first release being version beta 1.

You can download it from here:  FF Batch Master 2.0b1


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and a security hole large as the moon allowed spammers to alter posts with bots.

Done some cleaning, I really hate Russian spammers, they should all be lined up and turned into pigfood!



We’ve decided to publish yet another company for O:FR, to follow up the good old BBC (Bombay Bicycle Club).
Download the PDF: HBT-Company (1.2MB)


A new adventure for Operation: Fallen Reich is released by 4Eyes. Read more and download here.