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HI, I made a little quick drop application for macOS (universal x86-64 and M1) that turns .pngs to jpgs as many internet forums still refuses pngs due to size and bandwidth, and it’s always cumbersome to turn your screenshots into jpgs. specially window shots with that nice shadow on it.

Download from here: Software



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I needed this for the adventure log of Damon Finn, and I could not find any so I made my own, for DAZ Studio with Iray materials.

Download: http://4eyes.code66.se/stuff/BespinCloudcar.zip

Here comes another adventure for Operation:Fallen Reich. This has taken too long to edit and finalise, but it was well worth the time.

Buried Secrets – Skyfallen

Finally, after a very long time, Corona is somewhat guilty for this too, I’ve finished, play tested Futurum, and here it is!

This is a massive 00-level adventure for the James Bond 007 RPG by Victory Games.

Go to Futurum

We had so much fun, thanks to those who made characters and played O:FR at DragonDaze with us. I really saw how much interest there is in Lifeboard, so next step is to persuade Fallen Publishing to do a Print on Demand of it, and the rest of the stuff.

We also visited the Bovington Tank Museum on Friday.

We had the pleasure to play with several people, but this particular combination was a mind boggling.

Brits dressed up as Germans, playing Brits hunting Germans. A big cheer to members of the 304th Panzergrenadier Living History Group who seems tp really like O:FR.

As I’m in the midst of a move, and most of my gaming stuff now lives in cardboard boxes, I thought I had to release it, even though it’s not completely played through.

So here is the link: Code Red

And those knowing they are playing, don’t read.

The adventure Oh my head in Holyhead for Operation: Fallen Reich is now released on RPGNow as a downloadable PDF.


Please support 4Eyes adventure making for O:FR!



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I updated the adventure links, I had missed that some older adventures pointed to files no longer at dropbox.

It’s all well again.



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Happy New Year, and let’s celebrate it with a new, double adventure from Operation: Fallen Reich, Buried Secrets – Double Tap.

Check it out: http://4eyes.code66.se/?page_id=7858



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I made a few small changes to FFBatchMaster 2, download it here: FFBatchMaster 2.0b2