Printed adventures


Hitler’s fifties birthday will be celebrated on April 20, 1939. All the nazi party high ranking members are very aware of the Führer’s obsession with the occult, and they are all trying to outperform each other by finding the best and most powerful artefact or occult item to present as a gift for their Führer. They all strive to become the most favoured member of the party, with all what that will bring for them and their families. 

When the Germans are stomping around the world disturbing items and places that are not supposed to be disturbed, the wake things up that should be left sleeping, and they remove things placed at certain places for a reason by people and civilisations long gone.

There are four separate adventures all unbound in time between 1936 and 1939. The only directions are winter or summer, which makes it very easy to incorporate these adventures into your own campaign.