The final day on firewood, it has been a really fun week, and today we’re gonna make some nice preset items from the last piece, that we make today.

So, we start up Cheetah3D with a copy of the bucket-pile we made, and rearrange the fire wood pieces like this.


What does this look like? yes, correct, something that can be a fire. I also added a little yellowish light in the center of the pile.

This is how the pile looks like after shadows have been added.


But we can do so much more with it.

One thing I think I have forgotten all these weeks, is to tell you what I use to scale, crop and set resolution on the pictures, I use GraphicConverter, a wonderful shareware worth every cent.

So, what can we do? We have these different pieces that are rendered with FilterForge with a couple of different. You might have seen them before.


So, lets start up OmniGraffle and start adding things to layers, and build more preset items.



See, a campfire with stones around, and on without, a light overlay and some smoke. All these images are JPEG-images, with no transparency, to save bandwidth, but I will soon make the pieces available at the Dundjinni Forum.

I think this concludes the fire wood session, unless I decide to make a fireplace mod with these.


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