Today, we’re gonna make some final touches to our Eastport map, then I will make something I’ve been thinking of for a long time, which I really saw the need for during this map, more bushes. I will make some using Bryce.

But first, I said I needed some burrows to the south part of Eastport, and I did find a few, made by the very talented Greytale, at Greytake’s nook.

So, we start pick those burrows from the Dundjinni site, and install them into Dundjinni, and then we place them on the map. I also made some changes to the grass here, putting a new grass texture and adding some bits and pieces of cover grass spots and stones, to make it feel a little wilder.’

Look at this burrow, very good, as you can see this is a screen shot from Dundjinni. Now, I made a bunch of more ivy using FilterForge, so I could cover more of the map.

This is the ruined temple, overgrown on the map, with a little lighter version of the ivy.

And here is the central ruins of the once so proud town of Eastport, covered on vegetations.

I think I’m pretty done with the Eastport map now, can’t see anything to add that will make it better.

So, as I said before, I need some more bushes, and I started up Bryce, and then I used some of the predefined bush that come comes with Bryce, and added them together to build a little bigger bush.

This is the bush cluster, or one of 12 different, each using a different setup and different texture, and some with additional flower added.

And this is the object mask rendered in Bryce. By inverting the mask and setting it as alpha channel using GraphicConverter, I made a bunch of nice bushes, the sized them correctly, about 4-5 feet (Dundjinni scale).

This is from Dundjinni, showing some bushes on a grass texture I did before.

I think they look good. Tomorrow, we’re gonna map up some of the interesting places underground here in Eastport, but I think we’ll start with making some new tile textures.


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