Today, we won’t be using Dundjinni much at all, so the header is a little misleading, but it is a series and I’ll keep it. We will do some stuff in Bryce and in FilterForge today.

First off, I decided to make another series of bushes, so I got two in my upcoming kit for Dundjinni, and this time I used a Bryce tree as the basis, with willow leaves.

And the mask

I was a little less ambitious with this one and made only seven variations, but that si enough. Here are a quick snapshot from Dundjinni with a few of them just randomly stamped.

So, this was the Bryce session. I’ve learned that Bryce 7.0 is out in beta now, and that there will be a new vegetation generator, which I look forward to test, but it isn’t in the beta yet, but when I get it, I will try it and see if it can be used to generate great bushes.

OK, what was our real goal today, yes floors for the underground parts of Eastport. I’ve been working on yet another filter in FilterForge, that can generate pretty good looking pavements or slate stone floors that have seen better days.

Here are a few samples, and yes, the filter is way to complicated to show here, would take a week to just explain how it works.

A green, probably moss or slime coated stone floor.

A traditional stone paved floor, with a lot of cracks in it.

And a stone floor, more like sand stone, with cracks.

With this new filter, I can generate pretty good underground textures for the Eastport dungeons.

But, I was hooked by the idea of making a jetty or walkway directly in Dundjinni, or a pile of planks, so I made yet another filter, this one was made in less than 15 minutes, and it works really good, it makes planks. Here are a few sample planks, rendered on white in OmniGraffle.

And I did make some crack overlays, but I’m not that satisfied with them so I have to remake that filter a little.

And here are some planks, and an old floor I made some weeks ago, and the cracks, all assembled in Dundjinni, the planks stamped using random selection and rotation, as I have them as covers.

I know some of you who reads this and are in my game group really wanna play this and think you might get a hint or two. Guess what? I will show you stuff that won’t be the same in the real map, where the pot of gold is, there will be an acid pit, just so you know.

And, I will take a little break in the Eastport making for a while, as I’ve come up with another idea worth testing.


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