Today, we’re gonna populate section A of the never ending tavern with furniture, this will be interesting. As any longtime reader will know, I have done a few taverns, so I have a nice collection of tables and bars, but there is always room for more variations.

We open the file for section a, and put some of those well known tavern tables out. This is the first populated section A. Having presets is so useful, as you just can add them, but as I do this in OmniGraffle, it is easy to add new objects on the fly.

And this is the second version, with a bar (that you might recognize from the Golden Fox in the Marda Zam adventure).

And this is the third one, using some of my dining tables from my Dundjinni kit #2.

But I ran out of good options for number four, so I decided to build a new bar, here we go. First I outline the bar with a polygon object, and add at wood texture as image, and some shadow.

Now, even as I’ve used OmniGraffle for many years, you always learn something new every day, and today I learned that you can set Corner Radius even on manually created polygon objects, I didn’t know that before. So, setting a corner radius to 16, we got this nice bar.

I say it again, OmniGraffle rocks. I really hope they will make a version for the iPad. I was told they are working on version 6.0 now, which I hope will be even better, and I know it will, so once again, OmniGraffle really rocks.

Now, I needed some coins in a drawer under the bar, for the barkeeper, so I found this photo of coins.

I ran it through ImageSynth, very quickly, did not fancy cut or setup at all, and got this result.

I needed it to be diffuse, as I didn’t want the coins to be identifiable as modern, just as copper coins. I added a barrel by AA, some mugs by me, a shelf, some silver goblets with wine, a butchers knife i the coin bos, and here we have a bar.

And this is the final fourth version of section A.

Tomorrow I will work on section C, the other side of the bar, where we might have kitchen part, stairs leading up or down, and some more interesting stuff. I’m not saying I am done with section A, just think that four items is a good start.


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