Today, I will show some of the stuff I made for this project, the items specially made for the never ending tavern. I’ve decided I will sell this one , preferably via Creative Gremlins.

Today, it will be a lot of Cheetah3D and FilterForge I suspect, and first I played a little with a nice header for this project, that I can put on the cover page. In Cheetah3D, I used HDRI rendering, and set a highly reflective silver texture on the text. Then, behind the camera, I added a flat surface with a fire texture, that had emission set to pretty high, emitting the texture. This way, the fire would reflect in the silver letters, creating a very nice effect.

Now, I decided I needed some more shelfs and coat hangers for the taverns, and coats is something I never even dared to try to do before, but I got an idea, worth testing. So, back with Cheetah3D again, I create a new Spline, that looks like this.

Now, I use the Extrude to extrude this Spline to a shape.

So far, this is the same technique I’ve been using making Curtains and Banners with before. Now, I use a Taper to reshape this stuff, still about the same operations I used to do for Curtains before.

But, now came the idea I just had to test, but if I bend this now, will it look like a cape? So using the Bend tool, I bent the shape like this.

Now I render it out with several different colors, so I got some different clothes to work with.

So, now, into FilterForge, and one of my favorite filters, Wood Generator, and generate this wood texture, that I will use for the shelfs. I made two different textures to increase variations.

And, at last, I assemble the shelves in OmniGraffle. Btw, I read OmniGroup will make a version of OmniGrafffle for the iPad, cool, mapmaking on the go. And with Apple making Pages, I will be able to make maps and adventures almost anywhere.

I think these shelves look very good, these two were decorated with some weapons I found, the sword was done by me earlier, and the mace I do not know, I guess futureboy did that one too.

Tomorrow, more fun stuff to be made.


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