More stoves and kitchen items today. This is fun, as it is pretty easy to do, and looks good too.

Today, we jump directly to Cheetah3D, as we have good textures already. We start out with a cylinder this time.

We clone it, and place it beside the first. Then we create a box and make it as wide as the two cylinders together. We combine all these three objects using a Boolean Union operations, in two steps.

Now, the clone-shrink-remove tango,and we have a stove item. Adding textures, Relief coal and iron bars, just like yesterday, we got this.

Making a top almost the same way as we did with that fireplace before, and we got a top too.

Now, render each element, and we build a stove in OmniGraffle, as always.

As you can see, I have two stews on the stove, I just made those. One rabbit stew, and one bowl of raw meat. You might remember the shrimp texture I made using ImageSynth before, and I made that rabbit stew texture the same way. I also made a shrimp stew, ready to be served, in a wooden bowl.

This bowl was made by IronDwarf, I just added some shrimp to it, in OmniGraffle, yummy.

And this bowl was made by Greytale, and the rabbit stew I have no idea where I got that original from, and ImageSynth turned it to something impossible to recognize, but tiling.

The Goblin chefs specials. See you tomorrow, if you survived the food.


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