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So, I’m working on the adventure The heart of gods – part three, and I need some interesting marshes or swamps. (Yes, you have it on you map players, Great Marshes or did you miss that?)

So, first, I was looking at the Dundjinni Forum, and found a lot of great marsh stuff. Dead trees by DragonWolf, swamp textures by SuperCaptain and some more stuff.

So, I went to CGTextures, searching for a dead grass texture, and found this one, perfect.

So, now I start ImageSynth, to convert this photo into a seamless tiling texture. I just made a quick shot and it worked very well.

So, now I  needed some more edges, I’ve used my other ones so much on the Westport maps, I’m bored with them, so I browsed around on CGTextures and found this nice one in the grass section, a perfect edge, actually, I found two different ones.

Cutting pieces of that edge, and blurring the edges with my Cistinator filter in FilterForge, I got a bunch of nice edge pieces to use.

I start up OmniGraffle, to create a full bog piece or a few there, instead of making each and everyone in Dundjinni. First, I draw a path to outline the bog, having 1″ grid in the background to get the size correct. Then I add the tiling grass texture to it.

Now, I create a new layer, and add all the edge pieces, rotate them and mix and match to ge a nice look.

Now, I render it out, then I run a small FilterForge filter to make the edges a little less opaque, so they hopefully look a little submerged in the filthy swamp water.

Here is one, as JPEG on white.

And here is another one.

And this is a little piece of the swamp map, made in Dundjinni, using some dundjinni items as well as many other items, and the swamp floor by SuperCaptain.

I really hope this scares the shit out of my players 😉


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