Today, the is big day, when we’re gonna see some more doors in different colors and shapes, not all 1001, but a few anyway.

Here are six door from the 1001 I’ve just made. 1001 doors, 40s average rendering time per door (Pelor bless my batch render controller), but it took about 12 hours to render them out. I had to render them in batches of 400, as I found a but in the FFBatchRender  2.0 beta tool, it eats resources so after 410 renders, it just stops, bug reported.

What a blast this past week have been, now I will be doing some more stuff, inn and tavern stuff, like beds, shelfs, and I have one idea for a filter that I might try, a rugs filter, I need a bunch of rugs with crazy patterns and medieval coloring.


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