Today, I’m gonna make some stuff that goes with the Cider Maker that ProBono at the Dundjinni forum made. Some readers might remember the flagons I made for that item, and that I made some new flagons rather recently.

This is the Cider Maker composed by ProBono, using items from many contributors. (From the Dundjinni forum)

So, first, I’m gonna make a shelf with flagons, using my weathered wood pieces and the flagons. I built this using OmniGraffle. First, I add a shelf layer at the bottom.

Then I add a row of flagons, randomly rotated and picked.

Now I add a second shelf, a little adjusted to the top, for a fake perspective. Then I add another row of flagons.

Now I do that once more, adding a new layer of shelfs.

As you can see, this looks like a shelf. And now something completely different,  not the larch but apples and pears. I found two images, one of apples and one of pears.

I used ImageSynth to make seamless tiling textures out of those images.

They look good enough, but if you take a closer look you will see some artifacts, but they wont matter, I promise.

Now, I used some of the crates I crated a long time ago, one of my first items I uploaded at the Dundjinni forum, to build crated with fruits. I made several version of each, as I did the top and the crate as separate pieces, putting it together in OmniGraffle is really simple.

A crate with pears, and a crate with apples.

Now, this is a piece of the tile I’m working on, a cider maker in the basement of a tavern or inn, where the shelf is the center piece in this snapshot.

This was many things at once, hope you enjoyed it.


  1. proBono on 11.09.2011

    Hi Totte,
    Really like the shelves. Is it allowed to take them from here or are they in a pack somewhere?

  2. admin on 11.09.2011

    I think I have them somewhere, I’ll can upload the .pngs here now when I have better bandwidth to my server.

  3. proBono on 11.09.2011

    Thanks Totte,
    If there is a space problem don’t worry, I can re-shadow the jpegs above.

  4. admin on 11.09.2011

    I put them up in a new post, was a good reason to post something anyway. Before I only had a 4MBit line so I refrained from posting images > 100kB, but now I got 8MBit so it doesn’t really matter. Still avoid posting large things though.

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