Today, I’m working on an arms store, and the bow department, if there was such a name in those times. Anyway, I came up with the idea of having a target dummy in the store, for the customers to try out the bows.

We start up Cheetah3D, and create a ball. We stretch the ball, this will be the body of the dummy.

We then create two more balls, and stretch those to be arms.

We rotate the arms a little down, and then add another ball, the head itself.

All we need now is a pole and a stand, both in wood, but what about the material of the dummy itself? Leather I assume, so I decided to take a dive down CGTextures today to grab a leather texture, and I found this one.

Now, the dummy is ready, all I need is a few arrows sticking out and that is easy fixed in Cheetah3D.  Shadows are then added using my FilterForge filter for topdown drop shadows.

And here it is, in the store. The bows are all from SteelRats awesome collection of weapons and armor at RPGMapshare.

Still using Bogies tables, this overuse have to end soon 😉


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