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So, I’ve been using the quills made by Supercaptain a lot for my merchant desks, so I just stumbled upon a nice feather picture at CGTextures, and though, I could make some new quills.

This is the picture I found, what caught my attention was that it was against a dark, almost black surface, making it possible to make it transparent.

First, I whipped up a little FilterForge Filter, very simple, to remove the black and make it transparent. The I cut out three different feathers to work with.

This is one of the feathers.

This is another one.

Now using another filter for FilterForge that I just quickly put together, I added some color to the feathers.
Now, I really needed a head for the quill, so I started Cheetah3D and made a quick model, like this:

This one looks nice, but as I will be working in a very small scale, most of the nice details will be missing.

And here is a set of quills I made, assembled in OmniGraffle.

I know this was a little short, but I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff, among them making “The Neverending Starterkit”, and started to work on “The Neverending Docks”.


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