We will continue making items that I need for the coach today. Having gazillion items for any fantasy setting doesn’t really help now, so it is biting the grass, get dirty and create.

First, I was looking for something else at CGTextures, when I found this leather texture, so I decided to use it for making those flip-down seats usually found in the corridor of the train, for those lucky passengers without a seat ticket, that found a free one.

Now, back into Cheetah3D and make a flip down seat. As usual we start with a cube.

First we flatten it out, then we set the polygons to 10x10x10, and use the Catmull-Clark subdivision on it to get that rounded look.

I copy it, shrink it and the increase the height of the copy, a perfect leather seat.  Put a worn wood texture on what will be the frame, and leather in the middle.

So, one down, many to go. Still in Cheetah, I tried to figure out how a 1930 train toilet seat would look like, and I wanted it to be clear on the map what it is. Guess what, another box.

Then I Catmull-Clark subdivided the box, created a cylinder that I made oval, and another cylinder for the hinge. I’m sorry but I forgot to snapshot those, but who wanna see a loo anyway. I also added textures with different hues and look to the box and the lid so the lid would be truly visible.

Now, I create another box, that will be used as a step.

And here it is, a train toilet I never though I would need.


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