So, are you all eager to see the coach soon? So am I, but I still have some items to create first.

I realized that I need a wash basin for the train toilet as well, so I started good old Cheetah3D again, and created a box (which you have seen so many times I skip that step today). I then create a ball, shape it oval, and use a boolean remove to get the wash basin.

Now, I create a round spline, that I extrude with an end in one end.

I then create a cylinder that fits exactly inside that extruded circle, with half its height. I set a glass texture to the extruded circle, and a water texture to the cylinder, and voilá, I’ve got a glass of water.

The wash basin with four glasses of water. I know someone might think it is too simple, but it is good enough for the map, I promise.

Now, I found this picture at CGTextures. This is what I was searching for when I found that leather the other day.

Using GraphicConverter (I still haven’t got enough donations to be able to purchase Photoshop, and I won’t use pirated software, as I don’t want anyone to pirate the stuff I sell), I remove the clutter around it. Then I use FilterForge and a very simple filter that just adjust Hue/Saturation/Lightness to get these two versions.

So, are you curious?

This is the coach, all assembled in OmniGraffle.

And this is the GM map background, which I have run a FilterForge filter called old photo on, one of the best filters when you wanna make something pulp.

So, was it worth all the work just to get a coach? Absolutely yes, it was fun. I will continue to make pulp stuff, finding new cool filters to help me do things the way I want them.


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