I am still working on the Egyptian market, but I found a new really cool bark filter by Aurum, and decided to take a shot at logs again.

I warn you that this episode is a little unstructured as I was pretty unstructured when I did the stuff, and I made a lot of mistakes or followed some bad lines of development before I came where I ended up.

We start off in Cheetah3D to make a cylinder with 90 polygons around, and about 20 along, but only one division for the end caps. Why? Because I will set texture to then and it is much easier to do that like this. I made the mistake before and that took too much time.

Now, I found this very good FilterForge filter for making tree bark, much better than the one I made before. Here is one render.

And here is another, both look really great.

Now, I need end caps, wood slices. I’ve tried before to make those in FilterForge but failed, and that time I reverted to use cuts from images at CGTextures. I thought of doing that and downloaded two wood end pictures.

As you can see, they do look different, but still similar. But, I decided to give it a go now with FilterForge 2, and here is the result. This filter is not done yet, will revisit it a few times before I and satisfied. This is the first try I did.

And here is another approach with a more random looking ring pattern and a darker core. I guess I keep both methods, and have a switch between them. As Murphy use to say: indecision is the basis for flexibility.

Now, applying those ends to logs, and the bark to the side, what will I get?

A log, hat look pretty good. I added a few more, with different bark and wood slice.

And here is a pile of logs.

I will do some more log stuff, this was more fun that I initially thought it would be.


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