Now I will show something that we hopefully have played, as it will be a spoiler, or could be. We’re gonna make two things today, and I will try not to spoil too much if we haven’t played this yet. I need something strange, occult or magical, some kind of bowl with a burning magical fire in it.

We start with Cheetah3D today, to create the bowl object, as I know how to do that fast and efficient in Cheetah3D. We start with a Cylinder.

Now we add a Call, and place it buried half way into the top of the cylinder.

We use a Boolean remove to remove the Ball from the Cylinder. Then we Taper the Cylinder.

We Taper it once more, with different settings.

And we got a bowl that can stand on a floor. Now we export it from Cheetah3D to Carrara 8, using the .obj format, and open it in Carrara 8. We add a fire effect and a Ball with a glowing texture on to it, and this is what we got.

OK, this will be somewhere under the ground, deep down, so I use FilterForge and my cracked stone multi-tile filter to generate 16 tiles for the cracked surface. I use my FFBatchMaster to render the tiles. Here are two tiles.

And here is a screen shot from Dundjinni where the floor is used. I did experiment with making the map in Carrara 8 fully, but it didn’t look that great. It looks better when the objects are placed in Dundjinni.

As you can see, even though each tile match, the multi tile makes it look less repetitive.

So, We got some interesting stuff coming up.


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