This is something I tried to make as someone made an art request on Dundjinni Forum, and I thought it would be something fun to test.
I got tons of stuff for DAZ 3D, and this was a chance to try to use some of all those downloaded freebies.

It all started with this picture, that was a part of the art request.

So I started DAZ 3D Studio and began to play. First I used one of the animal figures, a panther, and posed it like this. I then exported the model as an .obj file, for later use.

Now, I started a new document, and dragged in the figure Stephanie. If you are shy, close your eyes, as these are nude until you dress them. First I added hair, the V3 Bombshell, which was the only V3 hair I had. V3 stands for Victoria 3, and is the base figure for Stephanie. I have some free dress stuff for V3, that’s why I decided to use that model.

I choose a sitting pose as base pose, the moved some limbs in a position to look a little like the picture. This was much harder that I thought.

I fiddled with the fingers, just because that is fun.

Now I added the fantasy dress stuff, using some of the props in other ways just to get what I wanted. I also added the black body suit, got tired of looking at cartoon tits.

I now exported this one too as an .obj file. Now I started Cheetah3D and imported the two objects there, and started to arrange them.

I started to build the base and the throne in Cheetah.

And it looks rather good so far.

OK, I’ll gotta take a break now, come back soon when I will finish this one.


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