One thing I haven’t made yet as a prop for map making are pallets. Mostly because pallets are not very common in a fantasy world, but now when I also make some modern things, I thought that they would be perfect items to create.

First, I scouted the net to find some pictures or drawings of pallets, but realized that you order them to a specified size, which means that in 1939, I don’t think the Euro pallet was even invented as a standard. Here are there small pictures that I decided to use as drawings.

As you see, they are similar but very different in design. One or two way gaps for the fork, and different spacing of the planks for top and bottom. I started this by scouting back at CGTextures for some worn wood and found this texture.

So, I went into Carrara 8 this time, to make a basic Cube. I though I go for the second drawing first.

First I stretched it, then I used the Replicator to get three similar blocks of wood.

Setting the Scene in Inches as scale, I could use the Size settings using inches. This is a neat thing with Carrara 8 that I miss in Cheetah3D.

I create a new block of wood, a plank, and place it where the top layer will be.

Using the replicator again, I nicely space them out, just like the Array tool in Cheetah3D. The replicator is set to seven items x-wise.

Now I change the replicator to replicate once in the Z-direction, placing  both the top and bottom planks in one shot, this is neat. The Replicator can do this in all three directions.

And here is the naked model of the first pallet, Looks pretty real to me.

Was this fun? Did you notice I post everyday again? That is because new toys brings out the creative monster in me. See you tomorrow.


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