This post is different, and once again I’ve been inspired by other peoples work at the Dundjinni site. This time, FutureBoy posted a prop he had done, and we all went “Wow, why didn’t I think of that before?

It all started with this prop of a dungeon entrance in the warden pits thread.

A brilliant idea that no one had thought of before. So I jumped into Carrara 8 as I have so much props for it and started to play. Fist, I picked a gate from a gothic stone kit.

Them I changed it to worn, by using another material.

Then, I added a plane as a floor for the down sloap, was a good idea at the time.

I created a little dark box on the inside of the doorway, so it would look dark.

Now I added a wall section from the same kit, and then I used a Boolean to cur away the underside sloped.

I created a shadow overlay to be used, made it in OmniGraffle. Tossed the idea of a sloping ground this time.

And here it is after I touched walls with some transparency and blurred the shadow. The idea of blurring the edges came from TheSim.

And here it is on a sample map. I think this was a really useful thing.

So, done yet? For today yes, but come back tomorrow.


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