I’m making some good to have 3D props for 3D NPC pictures now, and I will also render them as prop for mapmaking later on. Todey, a wine box for a upper class wine merchant from London.

Today we’re gonna use Carrara 8, as I have a figure for DAZ 3D named Wine store, which has some great wine bottle props. I open the prop and this is how it look. This could have been done in other programs as well, but I felt I use Carrara 8 today.

Now we create a basic object, a Cube.

Now, I use the Replicator to make a 3×4 layout of bottles, to measure the size of the box I need to make.

As you see, I need to narrow the gaps between the bottles.

Here it is tighter, and I’ve started to build the box.

Now the sides are in place.

And here to top and the bottom are set.

This looks familiar doesn’t it, good old Cheetah3D. As I was so eager to build I forgot to UV map the planks in Carrara before I placed them, I do that in Cheetah3D as it is much easier to do that there when everything already is placed. You can also see the bottles there.

So, I’ve got the box of wine, not for the merchant. This proved to be a real tricky issue.

This is the first one I made, using DAZ Studio 3 for posing. I placed my merchant and the crates inside the wine store, but somehow it looks wrong.

OK, I replaced the wine store with some dark cellar background props and some barrels and candles. I also gave the merchant himself a little touch of changes, but still, something feels wrong.

This time I used some other fine dining room background props and made the floor myself in FilterForge using my wood floor filter. I still have the props and added a wine glass to it. This one looks more like what I wanted to create.

And here is the old photo version of it. I think this turned out well, after some setbacks.


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