One thing I felt I needed was a tin hat or tommy helmet, the traditional British WWII helmet. So instead of buying one, I decided to make one.
I admit, I got one when I bought that great Webley that Nurse Ann has, but that is another story.

First a few pictures that I used for inspiration, they all look a little different so I mixed a little.

Now, start up Cheetah3D and model a tin hat, We begin with a Ball.

We copy it, then Boolean remove the lower two thirds with a Box. Then we place the copy under the original for a second Boolean remove.

Then we add a Torus ring around it, that we flatten.

Now we Boolean join the two.

We add the small bolts that hold the chin strap. I tried to make a flexible chin strap but that was very hard so I gave up on that.

Now a quick render in Cheetah3D with just a green color.

Now, to CGTextures and look for some scratched green metal, I found this.

Using ImageSynth, which I haven’t used i a while, I created this seamless texture with it.

Now, I applied and UV-mapped the texture, and here it is, the tin hat.

So, what to do with it? I loaded in Poser and scaled and placed it on Michael 4s head and saved it as a smart prop.

It looks good in the head of Michael.

And for your curiosity, here it is: 4EYes tin hat.


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