Today I will be back making my own things again, this time I will be making a wagon for DAZ Studio/Poser that hopefully will match the millennium horse, so they can be posed together.
So, first I scouted the Internet for pictures and hopefully some drawing of a horse wagon, and I found these from a project Runeberg scanned book. First a side view.
Then some drawings from the same book.
And finally a picture of a wagon.
Now I start my favorite modeler, Cheetah3D, and create a Pipe.
We thin it out so it look like this.
Now, I make a copy if it before I turn it into a polygon mesh, and make the copy have a slightly larger diameter.
Now, I create another Pipe object, make it small and place it in the dead center.
I use the Taper too, to taper it, and we got the hub of the wheels. I copy it and name one small and one large (so I will pick the right one when grouping later.
Now I create a Cylinder, this will the base for the spokes.
I shape it thin, and make it span the exact diameter of the inner, smaller wheel. The I copy it and stretch the copy to fit the outer, larger wheel. Now I group these two, in group, not joining them. Then I copy the group, rotate, copy rotate, and we get this in the end. Then the tedious job of Boolean joining each element for each wheel.
So, wheels, a good start. Tomorrow we will continue with this project.


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