The wagon we started with yesterday, or the wheels, will slowly grow today, much thanks to the drawings that did show some of the interesting mechanics of a horse pulled wagon from around 1900. This can be used as a fantasy or pulp prop, which is good.

We jump right into Cheetah3D again to continue the work. First, we space the wheels, the little one is the front wheel and the larger the rear wheel.

Now we turn them 90 degrees into the position they shall have. Then copy them and rotate the copies 180 degrees around the Y-axis.

So, four wheels, whats missing? We create a Box, stretch it as a wheel axis, then use the Taper tool, but move it so only the top side will be tapered.

Now we create a Cylinder to cut away some material using a Boolean remove.

And here is our front bar.

Now we copy it, and rotate it 180 degrees around the  X-axis, the use a Box and the Intersect Boolean operation to make it a little smaller.

We now have the second piece of the front bar done.

We now create another stretched box and Taper it the same way as before, only one side, but the bottom this time.

And this one will fit on the rear bar too.

Now we create the last piece, the long bar that will ensure that the horse will pull both axis and not rip away the front one.

We add a floor and four sides, just simple Box objects resized, nothing to see really. Then we export it as an .obj, and open it in Carrara 8, to measure the size, and as I first though, to add the girdle for the horse. The wagon was way out of size, but here it fits good after some resizing.

Tomorrow you will see how I fixed the sizing and the girdle.


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