Today is the big day, the final touch of the wagon. Will it work?

First, I need some textures, weathered wood textures was what I had in mind. So I start FilterForge and use my little old cottage filter to make this, the texture for the box. Diffuse map.

And bump map.

Now I need another smoother wood texture for the other wood parts, so I use the filter wood generator by a guy called Apple. First diffuse map.

Then bump map.

Now I apply and UV map the textures in Cheetah3D. Then I import a raw .obj export of the Millennium horse into Cheetah3D, and size the wagon to fit that instead.

As you can see, the model is ugly but it is the size I’m after, not looks. I create a Cylinder, add a rope texture generated with my FilterForge filter, and set the Pivot point to the very end. Then I clone it and place the clone on the other side. Now I can adjust it to fit the Millennium horse.

See, looking good.

Now I need the girdle, so I create a pipe that I shape to fit the back of the Millennium Horse. Then I Boolean remove the rest with a Box.

So, its done, except that I added a leather texture, also from FilterForge to the girdle. I now export the model with both .obj and .mat files. and import it into Poser. Here is a render from Poser, looking good.

Now, adding the Millennium horse again to scale it after I imported it from Cheetah3D, but what is important is that now the girdle is perfectly positioned as long as the scale is right.

Some scaling and positioning in height and I got this screenshot, I think this is getting somewhere. I now export it from Poser as a Prop, but before that I ensured that all textures pointed to files inside my own private Runtime structure and not to somewhere in my props making folders. I then launched DAZ Studio to see if it opened well, and that the scale was correct. This is a screen quick render from DAZ Studio.

I now started Carrara 8 and added the Millennium horse and the wagon to the scene.

And this is the resulting prop, ready to use in Dundjinni or any other map making software of your choice. Did we succeed with this? I think so.


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