The last day of hats, I promise. I still don’t know what to do till tomorrow, as I’ve been mad as a hatter for the past week or so. Today we’re gonna make some more hat things for the hat store.

We start  Cheetah3D and import the Model of Micheal 4, the .obj-file.

We remove everything except the head. The model consists of many different objects. I’ve done this with both Victoria 4 and Micheal 4 to see which one was the best, so the screenshots will be either of them. First we have Michael.

Then we have Victoria.

Now we export just the heads as .obj files, and import those into Carrara 8. I had to try the new updated version with tons of bugfixes. We use a Box that we rotate and shape for a Boolean remove.

After we’ve smoothed the neck, we add a cylinder.

Then we take a Box, and shape it by moving the edge lines, one up and one down.

OK, you will see the result soon. Now I’ve gotten a new hat idea I just have to test, as I saw it when I looked among the hats I did have in the repository. Back into Cheetah3D and create a New Spline.

We use the Lathe tool to make a hat.

Then we use the Twist tool to give it a little more realistic look, a typical 1930 hat.

OK, done with hats, I promise, and here it is, the result of all this hatmaking.

The hat to the left in the front is from a DAZ set, the rest are from my hats. This scene was rendered in DAZ Studio 3.

You can download the hats from my Renderosity page, among with all the other freebees I’ve uploaded there. And the verdict on Carrara 8 now? Better, much better.


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