Today I’m gonna make a character picture for one of my more odd characters for a not that known game, Hârnmaster. I’m lucky to have not only geeks in the family but also a neighbor that is a game geek, and he runs a Hârnmaster campaign, where I play the hunter from the village up north, close to where the Dwarves lives, that goes by the name Angus Trapper.

So, DAZ Studio 3 time, we start, as I almost always does when making a make character, with Michael 4.

But first take a look on this picture that I did fins on the net, (c) Paizo, that I used as my character picture as it was the least bad one I could find. Now I can make my own without being able to draw, must be this way someone lame feels when they suddenly can walk, or a blind person that suddenly can see. If you have been drawing impaired for your whole life, depending on other peoples capabilities to create art and you suddenly can make it yourself, you understand my feeling.

Now, back to Micheal 4.

We add some pants before we change the skin texture to an elite or naural texture. I want to spare you the look of some of those.

Now, I just toss on more and more armor items, as this character has an armor that is layer on layer of different things. I might start to remove things soon when it starts to look silly or bad.

Now boots and greaves.

Now I added a torso armor and a cape. OK, this has gone too far now.

I tossed the cape, and decided to work on the face and skin. First I added a good male skin. Then I morphed the face using some prebuilt morphs and my favorite, men-of-character. Also adding a hair with style, setting the color to black.

I now play a little with the MOC morphs to get this look on his face.

Adding some High Fantasy props, like a bow, a quiver, a shield and a sword, this starts to look good. I even used Send in the clones to add some arrows to the quiver really fast.

But when I render I realize that the High Fantasy items may look good in a dark cave, but not in a daylight render, see how they have too much reflection. I also added a mug to the belt, as any real fighting man will have. I also changed the upper body armor as the old one looks too expensive.

So, I changed the props and now it looks better.

And here he is, meet Angus Trapper, the poor hunter who realized that he has been using the wrong end of the sword his whole life, as when he decided to not kill, just silence his enemies by using the pommel, not the edge, he almost killed one enemy and killed another enemy.

He looks good I think, really good.


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