When I showed Alain to my son, he said He was a Legionaire, he should have a Roman shield and a Roman Spear and not a Viking helmet. Tough world we live in.

So, I decided to make the spear first, as this looked pretty simple. There was a Roman Soldier set but for Michael 1 and it is horribly overpriced.

Cheetah3D, was a long time since we used it now, will be todays modeler. I found this picture on the internet of the spear.

First I created a Cylinder, that I made thin and then I tapered the top.

I then created a Cone, that I flattened almost flat.

I Scaled it down and placed it as the tip, then I welded the two objects with a Boolean Join. I got a spear tip.

Now, I created another Cylinder and placed it at the bottom of the tip.

I Tapered it like this, and we got the connection between the tip and the shaft.

For the shaft, I created yet another Cylinder and placed behind the connection.

I created a wooden texture using FilterForge for the shaft.

Then we set reflective black texture for the tip, and a reflective bronze like color for the connection. We also added two pair of Balls to the connection. (That sounded weird…) Burt the make good screws. (That sounded even worse…)

I now export the spear as an .obj plus .mtl file set.
Then back to Alain, and here is the spear imported into DAZ Studio 3

I changed helmet, removed some excessive plate armor, and found a Roman Shield by Ricardo M. at ShareCG, here.

So, how does he look now?

Now he looks really cool, and all my work with the hair was a waste of time.


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