This time I’ve decided to build a rather complete and complex scene in Carrara 8 that I need for a handout.

The scene cannot be described too much without spoiling, but it is an outdoor urban scene.

So, we start by adding the Daz figure David 3 to the scene.

We change from basic low resolution materials to high resolution materials for the skin, and I did not add any genitals to spare you that.

Now we add some nice clothes from the the well dressed drawer.

A perfect penguin suit for the person is what I want. He got class and style.

Now, we add some hair to him, and start to do some facial adjustments. I also changed some of the materials to he got a black necktie for example.

And changing the color of the hair to a mature grey, and aging the face just a little bit, we got a middle aged gentleman.

Anyone else who think this guy looks a bit like George Clooney?


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