We’re in the works with a scene for my upcoming adventure for Operation:Fallen Reich, Wicked Times: Bratwurst und Sauerkraut. I’ve decided to build this scene in Carrara 8, just to give it some more milage.

But surprise to you all, today I will be doing some work in Cheetah3D again. This person will be holding a folded newspaper in his hand, and as I don’t have any folded newspaper props, I decided to make one. So, we create a Box and shape it like a flat square, like this.

We subdivide it 20 times in X and Y, like this.

Now we use the Bend tool and fold the newpaper.

We do need a texture, and I’ve grabbed a bunch of articles from UK Press online (you have to register and for 5 pounds you can download for 48 hours). Here I have two pages, stitched together using OmniGraffle.

I create a material in Cheetah3D and set the newspaper as texture. The I apply it to the folded newspaper. I then have to UV-map (which is something I still often fail on btw) to get it to look realistic. The red polygons are the one selected.

And here it is after I mapped it, looks pretty good. You can almost read what it says.

I export it as one .obj file and one .mat file, and import it into Daz Studio 3. There I export it as a Poser Prop with a .pp2 export script.

I then start Carrara 8 and import the prop. Here is a screenshot of a wireframe screen. I’m using a large outdoor object as the background. You can see the newpaper object in his right hand.

OK, how will this end?


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