So, we’re getting close with the scene for the handout now, just a few details to add. This is by far the most complex handout I’ve made.

So, we start Carrara 8 and create a new document, then we add a Michael 4 to that. But didn’t we do a figure before? Why do I do this? Hang on and you’ll see.

We give him an Elite texture to it will look better, still without genitals.

We add some clothes for Lord Byron, and here we have another gentleman.

We save this character as a .car file (Carrara 8 format). Now we create a new document again, and add Victoria 4 to it. We dress her with a regency dress.

We set some materials and add an umbrella prop to her, give her a little age and a regency style hair.

Now we save her too as a .car file. Now we open the scene we did before, and import these two new characters to the scene. We pose them so the scene looks alive.

And here it is, the final scene when it is rendered.

I think this ws a good one.


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