So, I’m working on an adventure for the Serenity RPG, which I call Promised Land. The name has a story which will be revealed in the adventure and not here.

First I bought a package of untextured space ship models and Renderosity, that’s why there where just dirt cheap.

Then I took FilterForge and downloaded some of the filters I haven’t bothered with before, some nice spaceship hull textures. Here is a good hull texture.

And a bump map.

And here is another hull texture.

And a bump map

Then I used good old Cheetah3D to texture the model and do some simple UV-mapping. And then I rendered the spaceship.

This looks pretty good I think. Now I went back to FilterForge for a background, I was first playing with a space, then I remembered Betis super moon filter, which I used to make this backdrop image.

Now, I started DAZ Studio to render a spaceship cockpit that I purchased a while back at Renderosity, just for a moment like this.

Now, using OmniGraffle to merge these three images into one image, I got this result.

I think that a picture says more than 1024 words, and showing this to the players is far more interesting than try to explain this i words.

I hope you like it!


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