Ok, you all know we’re into this cage that was an art request on Dundjinni forum, so let’s dig in again.

We jump straight into Cheetah3D again, and I reuse one of my old objects, the chain, and then just add a box below it.

Then we create a cog object.

We set the number of cogs to eight, and size it to match the top of the cage.

Now we extrude it.

Then we use the Spherifier (first time I used this one successfully for something), to make it follow the sphere like arches.

Now we create a six sided cylinder, and you who has been here before knows that this is my simple way of making nuts and bolts.

We place several bolts on the iron top star shaped thing that keeps this cage from breaking.

OK, I need some better textures. I used my old iron one that i a good texture freebee that I downloaded from the net, but since then I’ve made a filter for FilterForge to make iron that looks like that, here is the texture map.

and here is the bump map.

Also, when I’m in FilterForge, I though that maybe I need a floor too, so I’ve used one of my other filters for that, here is the texture map.

And here is the bump map

Now, this is how it looks on the modeller, I’ve also added the platform in the center.

And here is a top down render.

And here is a perspective view.

I really liked this challenge, and if you want to see what all the others did, here is the thread. You can also download the items from there.


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