So good to be doing this again, mapping and posting. Been missing it, but I’ve spent too much time making cool things with the 3D models I’ve bought, not making so many new myself. OK, I have posted several renderosity freebees, but they were nice stuff, but boring to see.

I just learned by checking the Serenity RPG site that the game is no longer for sale, I think the license has expired or something. I will try to find out more. Good thing I got all the books.

OK, where were we? Yes, mapping the Promised Land, the lower deck. I realized that I needed access to the lower deck and that I needed some stair cases, metal ship grade stair cases. So, FilterForge here we come, making a diamond plate with Mike Blackney’s fabulous filter with the same name.

Now into OmniGraffle, and make this staircase the cheating way, using 2D, not 3D. First we create a rectangle polygon and set the corner radius to 8, and set a drop shadow on the object.

Then we stack a bunch of those to form stairs.

Now we render this object as a .png.

We now create a Rectangle object shaped like this:

Now we set the Image of that object to the image we just rendered.

An look, stairs going down.

We add drop shadow and render out this object now. Here it is, looking great.

We now add this stair object to the map of the Promised Land.

Yes, there it is. Someone asked me why the ship is called the Promised Land, and the answer is rather long and is in the adventure, nuff said. The adventure btw will be a free download as you cannot sell anything related to Serenity without a license. I plan to sell the high resolution maps.


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