Today we will continue mapping the lower deck of the Promised Land, the spaceship that will be the home for our heroes in the upcoming adventure for the Serenity RPG.

Today we’re gonna make something that can be used as an engine, or the part of the engine that can be seen from the engineering room. We start by launching FilterForge to create a metal plate texture for the engine. First the texture map.

And here is the bump map.

Now, time to fire up good old Cheetah3D to make a model to render. We create a cylinder.

Now we make three copies of that cylinder, increase the diameter and shorten them, and place them onto the original one, centered along the X/Z axises.

Now we add the plate texture to the core cylinder, and an old iron texture to the other. And then we render it.

I think this looks rather futuristic without being to laserish. Now we render another texture using FilterForge, a piece of a meal pipe.

In OmniGraffle, we place the pipe as a tiling texture,looks like a pipe to me.

And here is the engine part in place.

This snapshot is from a later stage, where I have added lines and dimmed the floor a little, but the engine room looks good.


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