OK, I needed a map for a smaller ship, and some cargo for it too, so this post will show many different things, as I always do many things when making a map.

First, we start FilterForge to make some Sci-Fi looking containers, using a filter from the repository. Here are two models.

I then dragged those images into OmniGraffle to scale them and add some drop shadow, then exported them as usable props.

Ten metal crates with different colors and design, all to go with Dundjinni or even Fractal Mapper. But, as usual I won’t stop at that.Remember that I made those crates for Poser/DAZ Studio before. So I use these textures to create a bunch of new MAT poses for Poser/DAZ Studio. Here they are in DAZ Studio.

Now, I have a map to map, see how easily you get distracted. I need a ladder leading from one floor to another, so time to bring up Cheetah3D to do some modeling. First we create a Pipe object.

We size and shape it to look like this:

Now we use a Boolean Remove and a Box to cut away half of it.

We create two side rails using cylinders, and also a bar using a cylinder. We then group the part we made before (safety rail) and the bar, and spread out a few of those.

And here in the top right corner you can see it, going up.

This bridge part looks good, using lots of  items from the Dundjinni Forum, mostly rendered by Digger.



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