We’re gonna finish the Stars & Stallions saloon today, so we got a full day.

The last things we did was to render some textures for the stairs and the upper floor, here is the staircase assembled as a separate layer in OmniGraffle.

Now we continue by setting the wall texture and adding some of the upper floor. I tried to make some nice niches for the windows in the walls, as you will see later on, the will be gone.

Mapmaking is the art of try – fail – be creative, rinse and repeat.

I render some of the furniture used in the model so the map will look as close to the “real world” as possible, much like mapping from a photo, but with the luxury of both rendering objects and choosing different camera angles when trying to figure out what is what. Here is a chain, as a .png.

And here is a saloon table. Both rendered in DAZ Studio and then scaled and drop shadowed in OmniGraffle.

Now we populate the saloon with furniture.

We also make a railing for the stairs and top floor. The pillars are from when I made stuff for the neverending stores and markets, and the railing is a piece of wood texture.

The railing piece. The bar itself is also from the DAZ saloon.

Now, we just add some small props, like flowers in the corners, then we continue with the top floor, where the guest rooms are located, which you rent by the hour, a girl of your choice included.

So, this looks like a nice place, fitting right into the Serenity ‘Verse world. I never realized I would publish a piece on a backwater moon whore house on the international women’s day, but strange are the ways in the ‘Verse.




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