Back at DAZ, they have been running something they call Mars Madness, which is fun. New items are released at a 75% discount and all stores are having huge sales. Among the coolest items so far was the V4 Archer outfit by Bobbie25, and there was a thread in the forum for us noobs making texture mods to that, so I could not resist.

So, this is the texture map grid that you can download from DAZ for free for those pants. Remember, I will do this my way, not the way the pros might do it.

So I opened it up in Pixelmator and made it a mask.

Now I created a document in OmniGraffle 3000×3000 pixels and added the mask to it, at top level.

Here is the working window in OmniGraffle, click it for a blown up view.

Now I started FilterForge to make some textures. These might not look terrible great as they are shrunken down to fit here. But here is a texture map.

And a bump map.

I also made a few textures that I then run my edge tear filter on, to make patches. One in leather,

and one in canvas.

Now in OmniGraffle, I added the texture and placed the patches on the pants.

So, how will this look? Stay tuned.


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