Now we have played the first part of Promised Land, so I can publish a few things that would have been too much spoilers, like this tombstone.

The model is already published on my Rendo freebee page.

So, we jump into Cheetah3D and make us a box, that we stretch like this.

This is the pillar, we have subdivided the top polygon into many small ones, but it needs some textures.

We dash into FilterForge and first I render some textures  with my filter “stonemasons stone”, here is a texture map.

And here is a bump map.

And here is a reflection map.

Now with textures applied, it look much better.

We now use the magnet tool on the subdivided top to push an irregular bowl shape in it.

We make another set of textures using FilterForge, here is another texture map.

Another bump ma

And another reflection map.

So, what will it look like? Stay tuned…


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