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We all get chills hearing that, and Reavers are really bad ass baddies, specially when they come in hordes of hundreds, the Uruk-Hai of the Serenity ‘Verse. I needed some pictures of Reavers for Promised Land and I needed some really ugly piercings for them.

So, Cheetah3D will work for us again today. First we create a Sphere.

Then we add a Cone object to the scene, and use a Boolean join to make just one object.

Now we use a Bend to bend this to a really ugly and brutal piercing.

Great, one done. Noe we create a Torus ring.

We add a Cone to the Scene, trying to place it on the outside.

We size it and use a Ring repeat for the Cone.

Now, we Boolean join them, bad piercing two done. Now we create a Cone again.

We then use Array to make that ten stacked cones.

We now Taper this tower of pain to make it look more pointed.

Btw, I haven’t released the objects as I have no good shaders for them, but I used Chrome by Omnifreaker to render these in DAZ Studio.

And here is Reaver one, setup in DAZ Studio using different props and MATs from DAZ or Renderocity. I based them around undead textures, they have those great flesh wounds and pale look, and I also changed teeth color to a yellow color.

And here is Reaver number two.

Looking nice?


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