Today I’m working on props for one of my maps for Promised Land, an abandoned Alliance Secret laboratory. I needed a sofa, and browser through my Poser Runtime. I’ve found Poser good to render objects in now when I finally figured out a good light setting. The problem was the sofa looked too plastic, so it needed a little tweak.

This is a screenshot if the sofa from Poser.

So I jumped into FilterForge to create a quick bump map for the material. First I created two Noises, one Stones and One Techno. I then blended those noises in a blend with 50% blending.

The result I then sent to a High Pass to flatten it, and then to the Result.

This is the resulting bumpmap.

Now I added that bump map to the red sofa texture in the Materials panel.

See, looks so much better already. I rendered out a red and a green version, just changing the diffuse color from red to green.

While at it, I created two dirty textures in FilterForge using the Dirt filter over a plain color. Here are those two texture maps.

Now I rendered out the sofa twice more, and got now a total of four sofas for any future or modern map.

So, time to sit down and relax.


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