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I’ve played a little more with GeoControl2 to try to really sculpt a terrain and here is the result.

This is the random terrain I got when I started. The terrain is based on a seed that you can randomize, type or randomize and lock.

And this is how lit looks in the 3D view.

I started to play with the default filters to change the look. First I flattened the altitudes and added some noise.

Then I added some erosion to that.

And this is the 2D view of the same terrain after filtering.

Now, I started to play with the iso-lines. I added one across set to subtract altitude, to make a canyon or creek.

After apply it looks like this.

And the 3D view now looks promising.

I now added two side creeks from the main creek.

And then I applied it.

Now I exported the terrain to Vue, added some materials and added a water plane which I populated with pond plants. I also added some EcoSystems for the terrain. I painted the different material areas in Vue. And here is the result, or the second result as the first took too long time to render, I gave up after 2 days, this one took just an hour. Water with too much plants is a performance killer.

I think this looks good and it is a good way of making interesting terrain.



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