We’re still building our low polygon house for Vue and today we will continue, let’s get going. The tutorial mentioned is from GeekAtPlay.

As we were building the side walls when we left last time, we start up Cheetah3D again and just continue. As you see, each log is added manually, or duplicated, adjusted in size and the edges, as the roof is on purpose not perfectly flat.

Now we use another copy of a log that we make thinner. Fist we place one on each side where the roof meet the ceiling, then we use one to cover the gap where the side wall meet the roof.

As you can see it also adds details to the house at a very low polygon cost.

Now we create a Box and shape it like a plank. We’re gonna build the little outhouse part on one side of the house. This is also from the tutorial, but I make mine a little different.

I select some polygons of the Box and twist or move to make a bad looking plank.

And after some work we got this nice little shed. I taper the little roof top log just for fun.

Then to one thing that I’ve been forgetting, as the walls were uneven, we got an odd hole in some.

We copy a log and place it to fill that hole, but it will fill too much. So we select all the polygons on the lower part of the log, then we delete them. We then place new polygons there with the polygon tool.

Time to finish up the cottage on the out side. We create a Box and make it flat, this will be the door. We don’t need any doors that open or Windows with see though, this is a house to be seen at a distance, not for close up renders.

After some work We’ve placed a door and windows around the house.

Now It’s time for the last detail, the chimney. We make a Box and give it a subdivision like this.

Now we use the Taper tool on the top. As the Taper tool doesn’t subdivide and add a lot of polygons in Cheetah3D as I’ve seen it do in other tools, this is a simple way to create a nice effect.

And here it is, Our house, in the middle of… No no! Stop singing dude!

It looks great, but it do need some texturing don’t you say? Coming up next …



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