You thought there would be an end to house building? I’ve decided to build more virtual houses in two weeks that my father in law built for himself for the 23 years I’ve known him, but it looks like I’m failing this, still onlyone.

This time I start off with the first house we build in Cheetah3D, and stripped away everything but the logs. I also changed textures for the logs and made the house a corner house.

The house needs a bedrock, so I just add a Box that I size to fit under the house.

Now I subdivide the top and bottom polygons into four.

I then remove the polygons for the piece that was outside the house, in the corner.

And then I filled the holes with new polygons.

This time we will build the roof manually, polygon by polygon.

So far so good, but is wasn’t as hard as I first thought it would be, and this was really a good educational part, I learned a lot of how to build using polygons. And here is the roof.

Now I created a thatched roof texture in FilterForge using my own filter.

And applied and UV-mapped to the roof, it looks like this. I needed to adjust the roof a couple of times as I had too uneven parts.

Now I just added a little detail to the house, and I added a bunch of new textures but reused the windows and doors that I made for the first house.

And here it is, looking good in the modeler anyway.

But how will it loo in the real world, in Vue?

This time I’m using some trees by Gill Brooks. The grass I don’t know who made. A good day and another good house has been built.
Watch out father-in-law, her comes Bob the builder!

Stay tuned!


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