Today we’re still gonna make houses, but no more log houses. Today we’re gonna make some other type of houses with even lower polygon count. Those log houses were around 15k polygons, low but not low enough for massive EcoSystems. They work well of if you set their presence percentage lower, so there will be a few of those, but not thousands.

We start today with FilterForge and my latest filter, medieval house walls, which does just that.

And here is the texture I decided to use for darker wooden parts.

This is the chimney texture I have in mind.

And finally the texture I wanted to use for the shutters.

Now, let’s start Cheetah3D and build. I put up four Boxes that I make very thin. I could have made one box but I wanted the freedom for later modifications. Also I put a Box as a pillar in every corner. I did this so fast I forgot to screenshot every step. here we’re trying to place the roof top.

The roof this time is made of just flatted boxes.

And here is is, textured and ready to protect the house against weather and wind.

Now I made a box out of plain polygons, manually to fill the gap between the box and the lower floor.

So, looking good so far? Stay tuned for more…

P.S. Today is a special day, my son graduates.


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