We’re still making low polygon houses for Vue, and we will continue with our non log house today.

We are back in Cheetah3D and we’re about to make the Chimney. I’ve shaped it with the Taper tool already, but I want to play a little more. Those medieval masons were fantastic. I select the top polygon.

I then subdivide it and select the inner four polygons.

I then move the down. (This can be done much easier now when I happened to find a function in Cheetah3D (or understand what it really did).

I then UV-map and texture the chimney, I think it look really good.

Now I just look for things that doesn’t look quite right and fix them, like this strange corner, needed to cover that up.

And here are the window I will use, now with shutters.

OK, we’re done. Let’s import into Vue and check it out. I haven’t really mentioned that when importing to Vue you need to go through all materials and tweak some settings and so on, boring and not something I will describe deeper than that. So, here it is.

In think this house looks really good for merely 1.1k polygons and 1.3MB of texture memory.



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