Today is the last day of our long session with building low polygon houses for Vue.
Today we will see how well we did.

First I start Cheetah3D to add a few details to the last house, here is a new piece of plank.

This time I use the Magnet tool to make the plank look old and weathered.

Here I’m measuring where it should be placed.

Here are two planked side by side, both with a weathered texture.

Now when all houses are done, I needed a way to scale them correctly, so I used the same simple technique that I developed when I was measuring the inside of the promised land. I create a simple Vue primitive, a Cylinder, and set its height to 180cm (Vue is a program that can use real units and not 17/32 inches and such 18th century crap)

Here you can see that the door is a little too short, and it should be about 180cm (about 6 feet for the Americans).

I then resize the whole building until I get a decent match.

Now, how does this look? Here are a few renders I’ve done with these houses, and my upcoming project, the traditional Swedish gärdsgård type fence.

Click image for full view

This is a view with for of the houses. The fence and the moss is also mine. The grass is from Gill Brooks, and the rest are from different vendors.

Click image for full view

This one was made as an entry in the weekly Platinum Club Render Challenge. It’s the same view, just one house and different lightning, and the couple of course. The cloth items were this weeks new items. I’ve used that urban wear a lot, and this week came a new texture set for it.

Click image for full view

This last image was also done to learn more Vue things and testing some new stuff, like the Scots Pine (which I claim is a Swedish Tall and the Scots are just trying to claim it as theirs)

I hope you have had a good time reading and following this extensive Vue house session. Nine episodes and five houses later, and I’m still way beyond my father in law.



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